Yes, TV Advertising Still Drives Results. Here’s Why.

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Before the era of smartphones and the internet, television was the most prevalent marketing medium, surpassing radio, newspapers and other traditional media. This continued for some time until the digital age introduced platforms, such as social media, search engines and streaming services, which consumers quickly adopted.

As a result, advertisers were forced to migrate their campaigns online to keep up with changing consumer behaviours.

Now that consumers have all these digital platforms to choose from, the question is: what happened to TV advertising? Is it still worth investing in or is it just a waste of money, as some experts claim?

The answer is that TV advertising is still effective in the digital age. Just like other advertising platforms, TV has also digitally transformed and gained new functions and features that marketers can leverage.

Below are three reasons TV advertising brings profitable results for Australian marketers in 2021.

Australians still watch a lot of TV

The Digital 2021: Australia revealed that watching television is still the most popular media activity in the country, with social media usage placing second. According to the report, Aussies aged 16 to 64 spend an average of 3 hours and 30 minutes each day watching TV, both broadcast and streaming.

One of the reasons behind Aussies’ high TV screen time last year is the coronavirus pandemic. Virus control measures meant that a large part of the population stayed in their homes for months, renewing people’s appetites for TV viewing. Television news, in particular, found bigger audiences during the months-long lockdown.

These numbers tell you that television still garners a large viewership that businesses can leverage to tap a broader audience.

Catch-up TV services have grown big

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Catch-up TV or the programmes made available online for free by local networks also grew in viewership in 2020. According to Roy Morgan research, the appetite for catch-up services or broadcast video on demand shot up 40 per cent last year during the height of the pandemic.

The growth of catch-up services shows that Aussies still support local TV programmes, disproving the predictions that the rise of streaming services will be the death of broadcast television.

Additionally, catch-up TV makes a good channel for advertising. It offers highly accurate targeting capabilities by decoding a viewer’s intent based on their viewing habits. Catch-up TV also has advanced reporting features that provide information beyond your viewer numbers, such as your reach and impressions.

Australians have embraced connected TV ads

Research from Integral Ad Science (IAS) shows that Aussies are open to ad-supported TV streaming experiences, with a few conditions in place: they want a frequency capping solution that reduces repetitive ads and the ability to skip certain ads. This way, they retain some control over their viewing experience.

This finding means that businesses can gain a lot from connected TV advertising since the viewership is already receptive to ads. Connected TV advertising offers multiple benefits, from unifying your ads across broadcast and streaming to making cross-screen targeting easier.

TV Advertising in the Digital Age

Ultimately, these findings prove that TV advertising is still effective even in the age of social media and streaming services. But just like any marketing strategy, you need to make sure that your TV ads tie into your overall goal and messaging. This unifies your brand experience across platforms and makes sure that your audience is interpreting your message the way you intended, which contributes to the effectiveness of your ad strategy.

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