Who Are Media Crew?

Today, customers have more control than ever over what media they interact with and when. They are more empowered, better informed, more sceptical and much harder to influence.

Media Crew is an Australian full-service advertising agency experienced in all the necessary facets required in business marketing and advertising, from concept to post-analysis.

Media Crew has seen and adapted over the years) to Australia’s changing media landscape and can provide any business with the right insights on how to best communicate to their target customers.

Media Crew’s clients engage us because we know how to successfully help businesses reach and connect with their target customers like no other advertising agency, at the most affordable price.

What does Media Crew do?

Media Crew is a one stop advertising & marketing company helping businesses with:

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To some of Media Crew’s clients this means Media Crew taking on the businesses complete marketing and advertising needs, while to others it’s working on a project by project basis, or planning and buying the businesses’ advertising when required.

How does Media Crew do it

Think of Media Crew like a builder. If you’re looking to build or renovate your home, you will first appoint a builder to do the work. The builder will sit down with you and discuss what you like, what you want, where you want it, how long it will take to do, and what it will cost. Once all the finer details are agreed upon and the contract (to do the work) has been signed, the builder will plan and manage the numerous work components required to finish the job, including: building plans (with your input and sign-off), building permits, insurance, building materials and their delivery, tradies (permanent and subbies) and their work schedules, and numerous other tasks required to get the job done.

Media Crew, much like the builder, will sit down with you and discuss what you want to achieve, be it a branding campaign to get your business name on people’s lips or an advertising campaign aimed at selling your product or service, when you want to achieve it (timeframe), who you want to target during the campaign (target market), the location to target (metro, regional, or national), what medium you would prefer, and your budget. Once the finer details (based on Media Crew’s recommendations) are agreed upon and a contract has been signed, Media Crew will plan, produce and manage the numerous components of the campaign until completion. When the campaign has finished (or if ongoing), Media will provide a post analysis of the campaign at the end of each month.

If you want your campaign built the right way, call Media Crew now.

Media Crew is:

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