Who Are Media Crew?

In today’s landscape, consumers wield greater control over the media they engage with and the timing of their engagement. They are more knowledgeable, critical, and less susceptible to persuasion.

Media Crew, a full-service advertising agency based in Melbourne Australia, possesses the requisite skills to execute end-to-end marketing and advertising strategies for businesses.

Having adapted to the changing Australian media terrain over time, Media Crew is well-equipped to furnish clients with insights on the most effective methods of engaging with their target audience.

Media Crew’s clients choose to work with us because of our unmatched ability to connect businesses with their target audience at affordable rates, distinguishing us from other advertising agencies.

What does Media Crew do?

Media Crew is a one stop advertising & marketing company helping businesses with:

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For some of Media Crew’s clients, this implies entrusting the agency with their entire marketing and advertising requirements. Others may prefer project-based engagements, or rely on Media Crew for advertising planning and procurement as needed.

How does Media Crew do it

Media Crew operates like a builder in the sense that, when someone wants to build or renovate their home, they would first engage the services of a builder. The builder will then consult with the client to understand their preferences, requirements, timelines, and budget, before finalizing the details and signing a contract. Once the contract is signed, the builder will then take charge of the various work components required to complete the job, such as creating and obtaining building plans (with client input and sign-off), acquiring regulatory permits, procuring building materials and coordinating their delivery, scheduling permanent and subcontractor tradespeople, and managing all other tasks necessary to complete the project successfully. 

Similar to a builder, Media Crew will engage with you to understand your objectives, whether it’s a branding campaign to increase awareness of your business or an advertising campaign to promote your product or service. This discussion will cover when you aim to achieve the campaign (timeframe), who you want to reach during the campaign (target market), where you want to focus your advertising (metro, regional, or national), what medium you prefer to use, and your budget. Once the details are agreed upon (with Media Crew’s recommendations), and a contract is signed, Media Crew will proceed to plan, create, and manage the numerous components of the campaign until completion. At the end of each month, Media will deliver a post-analysis of the campaign, regardless of whether it’s finished or ongoing.

If you want your campaign built the right way, call Media Crew now.

Media Crew is:

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