When Hiring a Local SEO Provider, Ask These Questions

Local search engine optimisation is one of the most powerful tools Australian businesses have. And according to experts, entrepreneurs (especially small business owners) need it now more than ever. Approximately 35 percent of businesses in Australia were expected to experience financial difficulty due to the problems caused by health crises in 2020.

So business owners need a leg up, which is whatsome local SEO services in Melbourne can provide. However, before deciding on one, you need to know certain facets about your prospective marketing partner.

Below are eight questions you need to ask before hiring a local SEO provider. The answers to these questions will help determine if they’re the right service to boost your company’s success.

1. How familiar are you with my field of business?

Different types of businesses will need different approaches when it comes to improving online presence. Strategies that apply to a lawn-care business, for instance,may not be as effective when applied to a boutique bakery.

Ask the SEO service if they’ve worked previously with a business in your field. Such an experience can give them critical insights on how to create an effective online campaign and sustain favourable results for your business.

2. Can I see some results from previous campaigns?

Reliable and experienced digital marketing companies should have case studies ready for clients to review. These will give you an idea on how successful they are in boosting online presence for their clients and give you an idea of how they approach their campaigns. Assess these case studies to determine if the SEO providerwould make a good investment.

3. Can you explain your methods in simple terms?

Professional service providers, no matter which field of industry they operate in, can simplify what they offer easily. Asking them what they do and how they do it, and getting a comprehensive answer is essential because it implies mastery over the subject matter. It also means they’re transparent about key aspects of their operations. Keeping clients in the dark on the true nature of one’s business is a red flag you should look out for in a digital marketing provider.

4. What is your reporting process?

Just as it’s essential for your potential SEO provider to explain their services simply, you also need to know how closely they work with their clients.

Ask them how they report to their clients and how often they communicate their progress. Do they give you a weekly report on the progress of the campaign or do you receive a report at the end of every workday? This will provide clues as to how dedicated they are in working well with their clientele.

5. What are your KPIs?

The success of a local SEO campaign is measured differently, and you need to know which of these factors your potential partner keeps an eye on. Remember that the KPIs for a given campaign will differ based on the goals of the project. Learning which KPIs a local SEO provider monitors is also essential in monitoring them on your own.

6. How do you build your links?


One of the most important tools digital marketers use is link building, which involves creating a network of supporting websites that link to each other. There are different approaches digital marketers may take to build this network. You need to ascertain which approaches your potential partner uses. Do they do a lot of guest blogs or do they rely on influencers instead? Determining which one they use can help you decide if their approach is right for your business.

7. What’s your timeframe for results?

It’s important to know what sort of timeframe the SEO provider will pitch to you. Digital marketing efforts aren’t going to have much of an impact overnight. Even a week or two won’t be enough to revitalize a business completely.

An honest digital marketing provider will give you a time frame ranging from a month to half a year, depending on your business goals. Beware of providers who promise tangible results in a few days or a couple of weeks.

8. What do you need from my end?

Like all partnerships, you are expected to provide information and support for your campaign. Ask the potential local SEO provider what they’ll need from you. This can be as simple as a client brief or something as substantial as a full report. Companies that only ask for the bare minimum of information from your business may be dubious because minimal information will not provide them with enough insight for a successful campaign.

Your business may need a lot of help re-establishing itself. Digital marketing efforts such as local search engine optimisation can be the key to securing your survival and success in the future.

Media Crew has the expertise and insights needed to be the perfect provider for your business. Our mixture of digital and traditional marketing solutions is guaranteed to deliver the best results.

Contact us today and schedule a consultation for your SEO campaign.

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