What Does a Content Writer Do for Online Marketing Clients?

If this is your first time engaging in online marketing, specifically Search Engine Optimisation, you no doubt will have heard that you need one or more content writers in your team. You will also come across statements like “Content is King,” “Content is the heart of all marketing,” and that content marketing is like a first date (because if you only talk about yourself, a second date is not happening).

The first thing you should know is all of these are true.

High-quality content is the backbone of a successful digital marketing strategy. It fuels your SEO efforts, reveals the value proposition you offer to potential customers, builds relationships with customers (fostering trust, which in turn generates sales), drives website traffic and leads, and gives meat to your online marketing. Professional content writing, therefore, is crucial for the success of campaigns that aim to rank websites and build brand recognition.

The second thing you should know is that content writing is not for everyone.

Content writing, in digital marketing parlance, is the process of producing optimised text content that can satisfy the needs, preferences, and standards of both readers and search engines. The ideal web content for digital marketing is:

  • Well-written and free from typographical and grammatical errors
  • Engaging and creative
  • Gives value to the reader (offers useful information that benefits readers)
  • Guides audiences through specific stages in the buyer’s journey
  • Fulfils the SEO needs of a website or webpage (contain’s keywords that reads naturally with the rest of the text)

Just by looking at these requirements, you’ll see that while the ability to write is a good foundation for web content writing, it isn’t the be-all and end-all of content writer skills.

Responsibilities and Ideal Qualities of a Content Writer

What does a content writer do? There’s more to writing content for websites than most people realise. The following are some of the main responsibilities of a content writer:

1. Create a reader’s profile or buyer’s persona.

Content writers may have to create these personas for new campaigns that are starting from the ground up. This is common in digital marketing for start-ups or SMEs that have never before done proper marketing of their products, services, or brand. Writers must learn enough of the client’s background and the goals of the campaign to create an accurate reader’s profile or buyer’s persona. This is a crucial part of digital marketing because content writers will be writing with the target audience in mind.

2. Do keyword, market, and subject research.

man doing research and work

Research has to be second nature to content writers. They could be writing newsletters for an environmental organisation one day, then discuss IPO applications and shareholders rights the next. Writers can adopt different tones and voices, but their work must read like it was written by a subject-matter expert most of the time. Hence, the importance of market and topic-focused research.

Content writers also have to do keyword optimisation (i.e., insert targeted keywords and keyword phrases naturally into the text) to maximise the marketing potential of any piece of content they produce. Writers can count on SEO specialists to provide them with a list of essential keywords, but it’s better if they also know how to look for secondary keywords and LSI (latent semantic indexing) terms.

3. Ideate topics specific to online marketing strategies.

Some clients like to be involved in their campaigns and would go as far as giving ideas for blog and article topics. In the absence of these suggestions, it’s up to the content writer to find subjects that are relevant and interesting enough to catch the attention of the target audience. Moreover, if the campaign will run long-term, the writer needs to strategise and ideate topics with the rest of the team. They also need to plan the content schedule.

4. Write.

By the time the writer sits down to start writing, he or she will have already done all of the above. This is further proof that writing is just a part of what a content writer does. That said, it’s a plus if a writer can also inject creativity and wittiness in website content whenever appropriate. These keep readers engaged and can even convince them to follow a call-to-action.

A digital marketing team can’t be complete without content writers. So when you invest in SEO or other full-service online marketing services, make sure they also have a stellar content writing service.

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