About Tony

Tony is an advertising veteran with a master’s degree in marketing and over 25 years of experience across industries. He began his career managing a radio and television station overseas, working with global brands such as Canon, Caltex, Tiger Beer, Samsung, Bell Helicopters, and Nokia. After returning to Australia, he served as the sales manager for the Herald Sun newspaper, where he surpassed budgets and drove revenue across a wide range of titles, including EGN, Travel, Money, Tech, Bare Foot Investor, Business, Sport, Health, and Special Event Inserts and Wraps. Later, he worked as a national sales manager for a boutique agency in Melbourne before founding Media Crew in 2013, where he is now the managing director.

Throughout his career in Australia, Tony has worked with numerous local, national, and international businesses, including IMAR Insurance, Skydive Australia, Rawdon Hill, Target Centre Melbourne, Hard Yakka, iiNet, KingGee, Man With A Van, Taxibox, TWW, TPG, Gainsville, Tile Importer, Bosch, Volunteering Victoria, Volare, and True Value Homes, among others.

With his unique perspective gained from working on both the client and agency sides of the advertising industry, Tony provides tailored solutions for Media Crew’s clients that meet their specific needs and budgets. When he’s not managing Media Crew, Tony stays up-to-date with the latest advertising support software to achieve even better results for clients. He’s a gadget enthusiast and a passionate Formula 1 racing fan.

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