The Power of TV Advertising in the Digital Age

watching televisionAs new technologies and platforms emerge, debates ensue over the effectiveness of traditional advertising models. With the growing number of video streaming sites and apps, people predicted a decline in television ads and commercials. But recent data shows that TV advertising is still useful as a marketing tool.

TV Advertising’s Continued Popularity

Consumers still like watching television. Although smartphones and other electronic devices provide better mobility, many still watch content on their TVs when they’re at home. Australians living in metropolitan areas spend 147 minutes a day, on average, watching television. This number jumps to 175 minutes in regional areas.

The recent pandemic has also affected viewing habits. As sporting events were cancelled and filming was put on hold, several channels began showing reruns to compensate for the loss of new content. Many saw this as an opportunity to catch up on shows they’ve put off, or to re-watch shows they’ve enjoyed.

TV Advertising in the Digital Age

According to recent data, top brands still spend millions on TV ad buys. It is mainly due to the advertising model’s ability to build emotional connections between a brand and its target audience. But this doesn’t mean the advertising technique has remained stagnant.

Traditionally, TV advertising is used to reach broad and anonymous audiences. But digital marketing solutions have made it easier to reach your target audience. With better access to customer data and their online behaviour, you can create personalised ads that offer better results.

  • Purchase ad spots during shows that are aligned with your brand’s audience.
  • Partner with local TV stations to narrow down your ads’ demographic focus.
  • Engage with your audience by using other platforms (e.g. social media) to complement your TV ads.

TV Advertising and Its Benefits

family watching television

As mentioned, TV ads are effective in building relationships between you and your audience. But there are other ways this advertising method is beneficial to your brand.


Buying ad spots on television is a methodical process. Once you have a better understanding of where to place your ads, you can negotiate deals that work for you and the TV station.


Improving brand awareness and engagement is easier with TV ads.  Ads can be used to encourage viewers to access more in-depth content online.


Even with different digital platforms, televisions are still widely used throughout the country. When people see your ads on TVs in airports, bars and other commercial spaces, your brand becomes more credible and accessible.

TV Advertising with Media Crew

As you develop your marketing campaign for the coming year, consider utilising the power of TV advertising. It allows you to reach your audience in a different yet familiar way. Our team is experienced in creating TV ads that are complementary to your other marketing strategies. We also provide additional services, such as digital marketing, to make your brand known.

Learn more about our TV advertising services. Call us at 1300 ADCREW (1300 232739) or email [email protected] for an appointment.

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