Social Media for Businesses: A Look Into 2020 and Beyond

Platforms of instant communication between friends, families and colleagues have opened new opportunities for companies that want to engage with their customers where their customers are, on social media.

According to We Are Social and Hootsuite’s report, the active social media users in Australia grew by 4.3 per cent from 2019. This means 18 million Australians or 71 per cent of the population are now active social media users. In addition, 57 per cent of internet users use online shopping apps on their mobile devices.

Since social media and e-commerce are closely related, what with ads for brands peppered in between your friends’ posts, these numbers show that the social media wave isn’t ending any time soon and businesses should take advantage of it.

By implementing what have become social media trends, brands can boost their marketing strategies and thrive in today’s social media-driven business landscape.

1. Videos are Vital

Your social media game is off if you’re still not producing video content and utilising platforms that let you share these. In the previously mentioned report, the short-form video app TikTok was the fifth most downloaded in Australia in 2019.

As of the now, not a lot of Aussie brands have committed themselves to TikTok. However, those who have, like the AFL with its Aussie Rules page, have gained popularity. The AFL currently has over 30,000 followers and features famous players doing TikTok challenges.

So how does this form of social media help your business grow? TikTok videos—or other kinds of videos on other platforms—are great tools to market your products or services. You can make explainer videos, product testimonials or behind-the-scenes content. Any video that would be of value to your audience, whether because it’s informational or entertaining, will be an effective marketing tool that will help you connect with them.

2. Responsive Content

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The share of mobile internet usage in Australia has surpassed that of desktops and computers. According to the We Are Social and Hootsuite report, mobile represents 47.5 per cent of the total web pages served to internet browsers in 2019 compared to 45.3 per cent from laptops and desktops. What’s more, 60.2 per cent of Aussie Facebook users exclusively access the social networking site through their smartphones.

This shows that having responsive social media content is the key to engaging with more of your audience. Responsive means your content must deliver the same user experience no matter the device your content is being viewed in, whether it’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

3. Influencers are Important

Recent statistics on influencer marketing in Australia reveals that half of the people read the reviews of influencers about the products or services they are interested in. What’s more, 40 per cent of Australians are more likely to purchase from a business they see an influencer promoting.

This is why utilising influencer marketing is a great step for your business. You can get people to purchase or, at the very least, engage with your brands through influencers. You can give these famous personalities a unique discount code, which they’ll share with their audience and use to purchase from you. Influencer marketing is a great way to expand your brand’s reach and engagement.

4. Level Up Your Social Media Game

If you’re ready to make use of these social media trends, turn to Media Crew. As expert digital marketers, we can help you find and apply the best social media solutions and strategies, especially for your brand.

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