Shannon leads a team of highly professional television and radio specialists.

For Shannon and his team, it all starts with the client. First they’ll sit down with each client and discuss what the client wants to achieve. Based on this information, his team brainstorms ideas that are unique and tailored to each individual client. A storyboard is created with dialogue, special effects, music and more, and presented to the client. Any necessary changes are then made to the storyboard, before being signed off by the client.

Next is where the magic happens. Shannon and his team start the process of creating captivating television and radio commercials aimed at driving sales and/or brand recall.

Once completed, each television ad is classified (P, PG, MA, etc.) before being sent to the appropriate television station. Radio ads are only sent to the appropriate station, as no classification is needed.

Shannon and his team love being able to come to work everyday and create something different. While it might be challenging, it is very rewarding.

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