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A TV commercial is a fundamental form of advertising; commercials have graced the small screen since the very beginning of the medium.

Until today, TV marketing remains one of the most effective ways to advertise. TV commercials, which are normally 15 seconds to a minute in length, are used to spark interest in a product or service.

According to industry forecasts, TV advertising revenue worldwide is set to exceed US$177 billion in 2023. This shows that, even with the changing media landscape, thanks to streaming platforms, TV advertising is still profitable.

Process of TV Marketing in Australia

Though production methods have changed and become more sophisticated, the process of making a TV commercial remains the same. It calls for careful planning, creative shooting and efficient editing. Here the four basic steps to creating an effective TV commercial:

Benefits to TV Advertising

TV advertising is important to businesses of all sizes. With TV commercials, businesses can reach a wide range of customers and drive profit and ROI, all while taking advantage of the audio-visual medium to deliver effective advertisements. A good TV commercial can additionally improve your business’ credibility, as well as help with your branding.

The Cost of TV Advertising in Australia

The cost of TV advertising varies based on multiple factors.

First, there is the cost of filming the ads themselves. Different networks also have different rates, not to mention the rates vary depending on the length of an advertisement, how many times a day it’s going to be shown, and what times during the day they will air.

The last one is one of the top deciding factors for the cost of TV ads because there are prime times of day when TV viewership is at its highest.

For example, having your ads played at 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays is likely cheaper than having them played on the same days at 7 to 9 p.m. The former is when a lot of people are at work, while they’re already likely at home and relaxing by the latter time.

Currently, industry figures show that primetime spots for advertisements in major networks like Channel 9 and Channel 7 can range from $4,200 to $22,000 for 15-second ads, and $7,000 to $37,000 for 30-second ones.

Apart from these factors, the length of the ad campaign also affects the price. TV networks also give discounted rates for ads from brands that commit 100% of their budget to that particular network instead of also showing their ads in others.

TV Advertising—Is It Still Worth it Today?

As mentioned above, the media landscape is changing with streaming and video on demand gaining popularity among TV viewers, especially the younger population.

Despite this, TV’s reach remains incomparable. While not everyone has a subscription for streaming services, almost every household in Australia owns a TV set. And, according to a television audience measurement group, OzTAM, around 20 million Australians watch free-to-air TV, which is about 84% of the population.

With this huge a viewership, TV ads are easily seen by almost the entire Australian population every day. Even ads that aren’t played during primetime are seen by millions. And with the costs related to putting ads on TV, the staggering audience reach is well worth it.

Apart from reach and cost-effectiveness, TV ads are widely trusted by people. Networks, of course, have quality assurance guidelines for ads that they air, so when ads appear, people know these brands can be trusted. The repetitive nature of ad-playing on TV also makes ads more memorable to viewers.

Finally, TV advertising simply works. Numerous studies and statistics show that TV ads deliver the biggest return on investment than any other form of media.

Why Choose Media Crew?

Media Crew is a proudly Australian-owned, full-service advertising agency. We have been helping businesses reach their target audiences for more than 20 years. Our team of media experts are all eager to assist you with your TV marketing needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Media Crew help with my TV advertising plans?

Media Crew’s long history of advertising excellence has made us the perfect partner for taking your ads to TV. From start to finish, we’ll be your guide to successful TV advertising.

How do you measure the success of TV advertising?

When creating a TV ad campaign, we always create a report on the ad’s reach, penetration, rating, and impressions—variables that help us measure the success of an ad.

Where will my TV ads appear?

Media Crew works with the leading television networks across the country, as well as local news services, so you have a choice of where to air your ads depending on your budget.

Is TV advertising expensive?

When you only look at the cost of making your ad and paying for airtime, it might seem like you’re spending too much. But the return on investment for TV ads is incredible, making them cost-effective.

If you have any other questions, you can get in touch with us today.

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