Radio Advertising in Australia

The radio isn’t just for music and news – it is also a powerful medium for advertisements. Many businesses use radio advertising to promote products and services, usually in 15, 30 or 60 second spots. With radio advertising, you can reach the right people at the right time.

Media Crew, a radio advertising agency in Melbourne, can make this happen for you. We can provide a plan for any radio station in Australia, so you’re sure to get to your target demographic no matter what radio station they listen to.

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Importance of Radio Advertising in Australia

The radio audience in Australia keeps growing. In 2020, roughly 11.1 million people tuned in to commercial radio each week in the five metropolitan capital cities, increasing nearly 10% from the previous five years.

All businesses can benefit from radio advertising. The airtime can help you boost sales, build your brand, generate inquiries, expand your reach and increase your bottom line, among other benefits. Regardless of your business’ size, choosing to do your radio advertisements with a skilled radio ads agency in Melbourne like Media Crew is your best choice. Here are some great reasons why you should get an advertisement on the radio.

What are the Benefits of Radio Advertising?

Many business owners focus on their digital marketing strategy. But while online marketing is important in boosting visibility, radio advertising remains influential and the most trustworthy. Australians are still strong radio listeners, whether they’re relaxing at home or driving to work. In fact, Australians spend approximately 16 hours a week on commercial radio listening. It still has a strong reach and it’s something worth looking into.

Take a look at the benefits of radio advertising for small and large businesses:

What are the 3 Types of Radio Advertising?

Live Read

The radio host will organically insert your brand into their monologue or conversation.


The radio host will tell their listeners that a specific segment is sponsored by your brand.

Produced Spot

These are full-blown advertisements with a storyline, a dialogue and maybe a catchy jingle.​

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How Do People Listen to the Radio?

Most Australians listen to the radio when they’re in their car. But there are also people who tune into their favourite radio stations while they work or lounge around at home. It’s more accessible now, too. People can access their favourite station through their car radio, clock radio, smartphone, mp3 player or computer. Radio stations also have websites and social media channels that listeners can easily tune into.

In total, commercial radio stations reach over 16 million people weekly. Even when filtered down to your target demographics, plenty of people will hear your radio ads.

How Much Does Radio Advertising Cost?

The cost of radio advertising generally depends on how frequently you want to run the ads and the duration of the entire campaign. For example, if you want to run ads three times every afternoon for 10 days, you’re paying for 30 ads. And if the rates are $100 per ad, then you’ll invest a total of $3000 + GST.

This is subject to change depending on actual ad rates and the frequency and length of your campaign.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Radio Ads

When it comes to expenses in creating radio ads, there are plenty of factors to consider, and if you aren’t familiar with the media buying process, it can be difficult to figure out how to divide your cash effectively.

Here are some things to think about:

Casting & production costs

Although the expense of a radio advertisement is significantly lower than that of television or print, you must still ensure that you produce a high-quality advertisement that listeners will not get tired of hearing at various times of the day and on different radio stations.​

The radio station’s listenership

The reach of your radio ad is determined by the number of people who listen to it. Reach refers to the number of people who will hear your ad, and the number of radio stations on which it will be broadcast has cost implications.


Consider a radio commercial’s length vs. the ad slot. You might find that running a 15-second ad during peak times costs more than running a 30- to 60-second ad during off-peak hours.


When brands think about running radio ads, most concentrate on the breakfast or drive slots because these are peak hours when more people are tuned in. Peak times aside, you should also consider how often your message reaches your target audience’s ear. This is where frequency plays its role – it dictates the average time an individual hears your ad in a week. If your budget is limited, you may want to consider fewer radio stations, perhaps just two, that will play your ad regularly at different times.

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Why Choose Media Crew?

Media Crew is an Australian-owned company that provides small to large businesses with a range of advertising services, from radio advertising to digital marketing. For more than 20 years, we have been delivering excellent results along with exceptional customer service.

Our team of professionals are experts in their respective fields. If you’re looking for effective and efficient radio advertising, you can rely on us. Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 1300 ADCREW (1300 232739) or by visiting our contact page.

We would love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions clients ask to make the best decision possible.

If your target audience are avid or frequent radio listeners, then this type of advertising is something you should explore.

A successful radio advertisement includes creative copywriting, appropriate voice casting and high-quality audio production. It should also be advertised on the right station.

There are no limits to how long you can run them. In fact, longer campaigns are better for brand familiarity.

It’s important to run your ads on a radio station that shares your target demographics. People who are loyal to their stations are more likely to give your business a shot.

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