Advertising in the current media landscape can be tricky. Fortunately, Media Crew is an expert in all kinds of media, from broadcast media to mass media. We can help you decide the best type of media and medium for your business.

Deciphering the media landscape can often be very intimidating and confusing for a business owner. The options are endless. The information below will only look at some examples for Television Advertising and Radio Advertising.

Which should I use?

Television Advertising – Free to Air options including NINE, SEVEN, TEN, SBS, and their digital offerings, are available in both Metro and Regional areas across Australia. Note: Paid advertising in not available on the ABC. To advertise in more than one location (i.e. Metro – Sydney & Melbourne, or Regional – Geelong & Gold Coast), you’ll need to purchase separate campaigns for each location (one advertisement will not cover more than one location). Foxtel provides a national option with the purchase of one advertisement. In other words, if you purchase an advertisement in The Walking Dead on Foxtel, it will be seen in every state and your business will only be charged once.

Radio Advertising – There are major networks with a station (and sometimes more than one station) in each state. For example, there is a Triple M station in Melbourne (3MMM) and Sydney (2MMM) (and other states as well), however each state creates much of its own content and uses different radio personalities. Again, you’ll need to purchase advertising for each radio station, as there is no one-ad multiple-station buy. Finally, each station targets a specific demographic. One radio station might target women 18-40, while another radio station might target men 25-54. You must find out which one is best for your target customer.

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When should I Advertise?

Television Advertising – When your business advertises will depend on when your target customer watches television. The biggest numbers have always been and continue to be after work. Often referred to as ‘Primetime’, it is the most watched, most coveted by advertisers (including your competitors), and the most expensive. Rates for advertising vary significantly and are affected by the time of day, day of the week, the show, the station, the month, the season, the length of the advertisement, and other factors.

Radio Advertising – Once you’ve selected the right station according to your businesses target demographic, you’ll need to know when they are listening. There are terms used across the day on radio to describe advertising times. B – Breakfast, M – Morning, A – Afternoon, D – Drive, E – Evening, and ROS – Run of Station. Primetime options in radio are Breakfast and Drive. These times are when people are on there way to and from work, and they are the most expensive. Like television, radio rates are affected by the time of day, day of the week, the show, the station, the month, the season, the length of the advertisement, and other factors.

Which will fit my budget?

Television advertising – More expensive than most other advertising mediums but then again has much larger audience numbers. Great for branding campaigns when your objective is to reach everyone and can also be tailored to reach a business’s target customer group with specific programming/shows.

Radio advertising – A cheaper option than television advertising. Each radio station focuses more on a primary demographic than television stations do (i.e. males or females and a certain age group). When planning a radio campaign, research must be done on the most appropriate station to reach your target customers. Get this wrong and radio advertising will become very expensive. Get it right, and you’ll reach a more targeted audience at a cheaper rate.

Helping you decide on the best media and medium for your business is Media Crew’s business.

At Media Crew we have all the Medias covered. It’s even in our name.

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