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Invest in powerful blog writing services that deliver fresh, well-researched and well-written content. Media Crew’s skilled writers know what your audience wants to know.

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Your Brand Needs Blogs

The need for blogging transcends industries: whatever sector you belong to, your business needs blogs to keep the website fresh, attract new customers, and cement your status as an industry authority. Your blog also builds a community — a group of potential customers who are interested in what you have to say and are willing to share your insights with their connections. Moreover, blogging gives an invaluable SEO boost.

As your blog expands, all these benefits increase tenfold. Those who take blogging seriously are already ahead of the game.

The Media Crew Approach to Blog Writing

Here’s what sets our blog writing apart from other services in Australia:

Write for Your Audience

The golden rule of blog writing is to write relevant and valuable content for human readers (not Google bots). Our writers review your target buyers to find out the best topics to explore.

Follow Your Industry Writing Standards

Our blog content writers are versatile. We write blogs for various industries, from lifestyle to health to manufacturing. In every blog, our team tells compelling stories while adopting the right tone.

Uphold Our Content Guidelines

Our copywriting agency follows strict in-house guidelines to maintain quality. The blogs undergo fact-checking and editing to ensure accuracy and truthfulness. The Flesch Score is kept above 50 to maintain readability. All blogs are 100% unique and not spun.

Stay Faithful to Your Brand

Whatever topic we’re writing, we keep the content grounded to your brand — your voice, your brand persona. This ensures that the blog post fits in seamlessly with other blogs and the rest of your site.

Incorporate SEO Strategies

We follow SEO best practices to increase the digital visibility of the blog post. They include creating optimised meta titles and descriptions and making the paragraphs easy to read.

What Your Business Will Get

Connect with Customers

Blogs offer new platforms for interacting with prospects. They enable you to share your insight and start meaningful conversations.

Prove Your Expertise

Blogging is a chance to showcase your expertise. Through regular, informative, and engaging posts, you demonstrate that you are the go-to expert in the field.

Expand Your Digital Reach

Blogs, by nature, are shareable. If you post high-quality content that readers love, readers will likely share your blog with their peers, who may also be prospective customers.

Support Your SEO Efforts

Google prefers fresh content, and blogs are an inexpensive way to expand site content. Plus, they offer new places to insert keywords and link to your money pages.

High-impact blog writing packages

Standard Articles (up to 500 words)

Well-researched articles that naturally drive traffic and boost SEO rankings.

  • Great for SEO Content​
  • Provided in PDF or Word Format​
  • Fast Turnaround Time​

Full-length Articles (up to 1000 words)

Fresh content that provides both insight and entertainment. Increases your authority and engagement.

  • Great for SEO Content
  • 1 Revision Cycle
  • Provided in PDF or Word Format
  • Fast Turnaround Time

Long Form Articles (up to 1500 words)​

Highly readable write-ups for higher visibility and link building purposes

  • Great for SEO Content
  • 1 Revision Cycle
  • Provided in PDF or Word Format
  • Fast Turnaround Time

What’s Included in the Blog Writing Services

Topic Ideation

Research for the Blog

Content Creation (with links and meta data)

Submission in PDF or Word Format

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions clients ask to make the best decision possible.

We serve clients all around Australia, including major cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Their respective audiences vary, too. Some need national coverage, while others have smaller, localised campaigns.

The Flesch Reading Ease Score is a grading system that measures how easy it is to read a piece. It ranges from 1 to 100, with 100 being the easiest to read. In our blog writing services, we keep Flesch Scores over 50, so that the audience will have an easy time reading and enjoy your copy more.

Yes. These links will direct readers to your product pages, where they can book your service or shop your products. We also link the blog to other important pages, such as the home page and contact page.

We do — we take care of the topic ideation for you. Our blog content writers use several tools (including social listening platforms) to discover the current problems of your target audience, as well as the latest buzz in the industry. If you want greater control over topics, our representatives can go over your requirements.

We use a tool called Copyscape, which checks the entire web for duplicate copies of the blogs we have written. This ensures that there are no coincidentally similar copies existing online.

We offer Basic and Premium Infographics services, which can contain a maximum of 10 and 25 data points, respectively. We encourage you to speak with our team to determine which service is better for your content goals.

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