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Publish traffic-driving, lead-generating content on your website to strengthen your digital presence. Watch your conversion rates soar with Media Crew’s WordPress SEO services in Melbourne.

The Power of WordPress

There’s a reason WordPress powers 39% of the websites on the Internet. This content management system (CMS) makes it easy to build and launch your own website. It’s customisable and easy to use, with plenty of automation features that make website management more efficient.

One of the biggest advantages of WordPress is SEO compatibility. Search engines love WordPress because it’s fast, mobile-friendly, secure and supports plugins for advanced optimisation. It’s the perfect platform to launch an SEO campaign that increases your online rankings.

The SEO Benefits of WordPress

Mobile Optimisation

Google now uses the mobile version of your website for crawling and indexing, since mobile traffic has increased 222% in the last 5 years. With WordPress, you’ll have a mobile-optimised website that satisfies both users and search engines. Your website will be quick-loading and navigable, with swiping functionalities and an intuitive interface.

Social Media Integration

Social media marketing amplifies your SEO by directing followers to your website. WordPress makes it easier to integrate your search optimisation campaign with your Facebook, Twitter and other profiles by adding social media buttons on your blogs. This feature allows readers to share your content in just a few clicks, increasing your reach.

SEO Plugins

WordPress supports a lot of plugins that supercharge your SEO. One of its most popular plugins is Yoast SEO, a tool that optimises your content by analysing keywords, readability, backlinks and other ranking factors. XML Site Maps is another helpful plugin, making your site’s structure easier for search engine crawlers to understand.

What WordPress SEO Can Do for You

Increase Online Visibility

WordPress SEO makes it easier to meet search engine ranking signals, increasing your website’s rankability. Plus, you’ll also tap into a wider audience on social media through website integration. These two benefits help increase your online visibility, driving more traffic to your website.

Drive User Interaction on Website

WordPress websites are navigable and fast-loading, attracting engagement from users. They can easily go from one blog to another, or search for the product they want in your e-commerce site. The more user interaction your website produces, the more opportunities you have for lead generation.

Generate Qualified Leads

An intuitive interface, compelling content and the right keywords are keys to generating leads. Your website will push users further along the buyer’s journey, leading them one step closer to a purchase. As you generate more qualified leads, you’ll have higher chances of acquiring new loyal customers.

Leverage WordPress SEO with the Help of Media Crew

As a trusted SEO agency in Melbourne, Media Crew strives to master different digital practices and platforms, including WordPress search optimisation. Our SEO experts have the experience, skills and tools necessary to turn your WordPress website into a high-conversion, lead-generatingvehicle.

Organic SEO

We’ll help you achieve the search ranking you want without spending fortunes on paid ads. Our organic SEO strategy utilises strategic keywords that bring in sizeable traffic but aren’t too competitive. We also execute local SEO campaigns for businesses that want to target certain locations.

Content Creation

Our writers work with our SEO specialists to create content that’s relevant to your target audience. This way, your brand shows up on the SERP every time they search something relevant to your business. Our content creation strategy helps you drive traffic with higher chances of turning into leads.

WordPress Website Development Services

Our WordPress SEO services complement our web development packages. We build and launch WordPress sites that are SEO-ready, making it easy to launch optimisation efforts. Whether you want to leave the SEO work to our experts or run your own campaign, rest assured that your website can support search optimisation techniques.

SEO Case Study

Learn how our partners’ businesses got a boost by working with us.

How We Boosted a Hardware Site’s Organic Traffic by 379.48%

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions clients ask to make the best decision possible.

Organic SEO takes months before producing significant results because it’s unpaid. However, you’ll see your online visibility and credibility steadily improve as time goes by. We’ll also tweak your SEO strategy throughout the campaign to make sure we’re on the right track to achieving your targets.

WordPress is among the best site builders with SEO capabilities, although Wix and Weebly are also popular options. The difference with WordPress is that it takes care of the majority of the SEO mechanics for you. Its themes are designed to appeal to search engines, and it supports plugins that make optimisation easier.

You can execute an SEO campaign yourself, since WordPress makes it easy to do so. However, you won’t have access to the tools we use to power our SEO techniques. When you trust Media Crew’s WordPress SEO services, you get to leverage the skills, experience and training of our specialists, driving the success of your campaign.

Our digital marketing services deliver powerful results at ideal rates. Our team follows best practices and keeps abreast of the latest trends to make sure that you’re always one step ahead of your competitors. Media Crew is a Melbourne-based SEO agency, although we cater to clients across the country.

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