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Leverage WooCommerce’s SEO-ready features to boost your traffic and user interaction. Media Crew offers custom SEO services designed to turn your WooCommerce website into a lead-generating, conversion-driving vehicle.

Do E-Commerce Sites Need SEO?

Some online merchants think that listing hundreds of products on their e-commerce site is enough to start attracting interested shoppers. That’s not the case, though. The truth is that e-commerce websites have a much more difficult time optimising for search compared to on-page blogs.

Consumers are much more critical of e-commerce sites compared to business websites because they often search for the former with the intention to spend money. So, they expect to see specific details on the product page, including high-resolution photos taken from different angles, well-written descriptions, dimensions, real customer reviews and the price. Your online store must also be quick-loading and intuitive, with a search function and a smooth checkout process.

All these factors help improve the searchability and usability of your online store, which is exactly the goal of e-commerce SEO. By optimising your website, you’re able to please both the search engine and your users. Moreover, your ideal buyer gets an unobstructed path to purchase from the search engine to your landing page, and finally, to your checkout page.

What Makes WooCommerce SEO-Friendly?

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin developed specifically for WordPress. It makes website optimisation easier because the code it uses is designed to support most SEO strategies. Although it doesn’t have many built-in SEO features, WooCommerce offers plenty of plugins that you can use to amplify your optimisation efforts.

Some of the popular WooCommerce plugins are Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack and Broken Link Checker.

Additionally, WordPress comes with its own optimisation benefits. It handles all your technical SEO needs, so you just have to focus on creating quality content. When you use WordPress and WooCommerce together, you gain access to a wealth of tools, plugins and features that supercharge your SEO strategy.        

Benefits of WooCommerce SEO

Optimised Product Pages

WooCommerce SEO optimises your product pages according to what users and search engines want to see. Your product pages will utilise high-traffic, low-competition keywords to drive in traffic from your target audiences, making sure your brand name appears every time they make a search related to your business. You’ll also use high-quality photos and social cues that influence user’s decision-making, pushing them further towards the checkout button.

Seamless, Intuitive User Experience

User experience is vital to the conversion rates of an e-commerce site. You want to make sure nothing is impeding the buyer’s journey from the product page to the checkout page. This means implementing a search function and category pages to make browsing through products easier. You also want to simplify your checkout process, accept multiple payment methods, and offer a guest checkout option to lower your cart abandonment rate.

Mobile Optimisation

According to the latest PayPal m-Commerce Index, one in four Australian shoppers purchase items from their smartphones. This means your e-commerce site must perform just as well on mobile as it does on desktop—even do better, in fact! Otherwise, you might be losing out on a significant number of sales coming from your mobile users. WooCommerce offers plugins like AMP for WP, WP Mobile Menu and Max Mega Menu to make your website more mobile-friendly.

Why Choose Media Crew?

As a trusted SEO agency in Melbourne, Media Crew has mastered various digital tools and techniques, including WooCommerce SEO. Our analysts, writers, web developers and digital strategists work together to keep your e-commerce website optimised according to the expectations of search engines and users.

With Media Crew, you can be sure that your WooCommerce SEO strategy is tailored specifically to your needs. We work closely with your marketing and sales to understand your goals, customers and the landscape of your industry. You’ll get an online store designed to lead users smoothly from one stage of the buyer’s journey to the next, increasing your conversion rates.

We’ll also integrate your WooCommerce SEO with your overall optimisation strategy to make sure that the techniques you use are all geared towards the same goal: create a search- and user-friendly website that attracts, engages and converts your ideal buyer.

Start optimising your WooCommerce website today to drive more qualified traffic and leads to your online store. Fill out our online form toschedule an SEO consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions clients ask to make the best decision possible.

While it was originally intended for WordPress (so you’ll have access to more plugins if you used WooCommerce with this site builder) you can use WooCommerce with other website builders like Wix and Squarespace.

E-commerce websites are harder to optimise because you’re dealing with hundreds of pages and a wide variety of keywords. Additionally, consumers are more finicky when it comes to online stores compared to regular business websites because they intend to spend money.

Definitely! It optimises your e-commerce store so that users will see it every time they make a related search. WooCommerce SEO also improves your product pages, checkout page and user experience to provide shoppers with a pleasant online shopping experience.

You want an SEO service provider that doesn’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions—you want one that tailors their solutions according to your goals instead. Your provider must also know how to communicate openly with you to make sure they’re meeting all your needs.

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