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Aside from investing in SEO services, if you want to rank a website on the SERPs in 2021, you can’t underestimate the value of link building services and the necessity to have a solid strategy for earning high-quality links.

After all, link building is still considered one of the top three ranking factors by Google.

There are literally dozens of techniques you may take, whether you are a true SEO newbie learning how to develop links for the first time or have been doing it for years and merely want to uncover new strategies that still work.

What is Link Building?

Link building is a core part of search engine optimisation and is essential for boosting your search engine rankings.

In other words, link building is the process of gaining links from third-party websites back to your own website’s landing pages. Many people feel that it is one of the most challenging aspects of website ranking and one of the most rewarding when done well.

This is why we offer SEO services that concentrate on providing effective and up-to-date link building services that follow current standards and requirements. Our objective is to create a broad and high-quality link profile that will propel your website to the top of search engine rankings.

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Why your Website Needs Link Building?

Basically, the more authority the website where the link is placed has, the more authority the backlink passes on to the client site, which affects the rankings. Simply said, each of these authoritative specialised relevant connections may be thought of as a “check of approval” from one site to the next.

Backlinks may be obtained in various ways, the most frequent of which are link building and link outreach. They are an essential component of any SEO campaign’s success. If your website has no backlinks, then search engines will not navigate it, and it will not be found or indexed.

Factors We Consider Before Acquiring a Backlink

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a score that predicts how well a website will rank on Google. It is graded on a scale of one to one hundred, with 100 being the best.

Page Authority

Page Authority is similar to Domain Authority in that it measures how well a single page may rank rather than an entire website.

Trust Flow

The Trust Flow score is a measurement of the quality of links referring to a website. The greater the Trust Flow, the more high-quality and authoritative backlinks a website has.

Citation Flow

Citation Flow is a metric that determines how significant a link from a certain website is. It accomplishes this by examining the number of links referring to a specific site, but not the links’ quality. As a result, CF and TF must be considered together.

Referral Traffic

We will constantly try to prospect websites that generate high volumes of relevant traffic, even if it isn’t always our major emphasis. Just in case that large spender happens to come across our content.

Website and Content Relevancy

It’s a good thing to get a backlink from a reliable source. However, a backlink from a reputable site that is industry-related and has a lot of helpful information surrounding it is something else.

Hosting Location

We will look for backlinks from websites hosted in the area based on the company location and target audience. For instance, an all-Australian company should seek “.com.au” backlinks.

Social Authority

If you want to feed a search engine’s need for constant trust signals, there’s no better method than getting a backlink from a frequently cited site and shared on social media.

Link Placement

If search engines read like humans, then the location of your backlink on a page is important in ensuring you get the most traffic.

Anchor Text

Humans and search engines both see your website through the eyes of an anchor text. As a result, we put a lot of effort into ensuring each anchor for each link is relevant to the destination page.

Destination Page

You may have high-quality backlinks, but if the destination sites aren’t up to pace, your efforts will be for nothing. Media Crew performs a basic audit to ensure that all landing experiences are in line with the strategy.

Blog Outreach

Our writers are masters at crafting engaging, timely, and shareable blogs. We combine creativity and SEO proficiency with natural ease to provide you with better links and stronger content.

Link Building - DA10+

Done for you outreach by our experts

Quick, Easy Outreach Done For You. Get quality link building done for you. Our team helps you gain.

  • Guaranteed DA10+ Link
  • 90-days Live Guaranteed
  • Fast Turnaround

Link Building - DA20+

Done for you outreach by our experts

Quick, Easy Outreach Done For You. Get quality link building done for you. Our team helps you gain.

  • Guaranteed DA20+ Link
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Link Building - DA30+

Done for you outreach by our experts

Quick, Easy Outreach Done For You. Get quality link building done for you. Our team helps you gain.

  • Guaranteed DA30+ Link
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Link Building - DA40+

Done for you outreach by our experts

Quick, Easy Outreach Done For You. Get quality link building done for you. Our team helps you gain.

  • Guaranteed DA40+ Link
  • 90-days Live Guaranteed
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Backlink Services We Provide

Google Trusted Backlinks

We all know that Google recognizes only the most trustworthy backlinks leading to your website. Therefore, the backlinks we create are earned using ethical, white-hat SEO techniques that follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. In addition, we concentrate on developing high-quality connections that will drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

We understand the importance of being entirely open and honest with you regarding the link-building process. Our staff provides frequent updates on the techniques employed, as well as the precise backlinks obtained. This allows you to be completely informed of all aspects of the link-building process.

You want to be able to compete in search results for a long time. That is why, for our SEO backlink service, we employ long-term white-hat strategies. Every campaign is one-of-a-kind and tailored to your company’s needs. To improve your position and provide targeted organic traffic to your site, we use highly relevant and authoritative websites.

Backlink Portfolio Assessment and Cleanup

Link building is a vital part of your SEO success. As such, all of your backlinks will undergo a thorough audit to evaluate their efficiency and risk level. We ensure that all bad links will be replaced with more powerful ones.

Link Clean Up -

For websites that need cleaning without an active Websmaster warning, reaching up to 2000 historical…

Link Clean Up -

For websites that need cleaning without an active Websmaster warning, reaching up to 2000 historical…

Link Building -

For websites that need cleaning without an active Websmaster warning, reaching up to 2000 historical…

Backlink Removal and Monitoring

You won’t have to worry about questionable or spammy backlinks when you deal with us. Our specialists frequently conduct backlink audits. As a result, we not only find high-quality backlinks for your site, but we also remove low-quality connections from your link profile that might harm it.

Process of Acquiring Backlinks

Backlink Audits​

To avoid a manual link penalty, removing spam links and levelling out anchor text distribution is important. Before participating in any of our link building services, Media Crew does a complete backlink audit to establish the health of your portfolio.

NAP Consistency and Foundation Backlinks ​

Businesses who wish to attract clients in their local region must develop a local SEO plan. NAP consistency (Name, Address, Phone) is important in these campaigns and must be presented with painstaking attention to detail. NAP consistency gives search engines trust that a company is who it claims to be.

Manual Outreach​

To be successful, your website must build a portfolio of high-quality backlinks that will boost your website’s relevancy and authority while being true to algorithms. We’ve spent over a decade building an infrastructure that’s ideal for both small and large businesses, allowing us to reliably offer high-quality content and rich SEO results in huge quantities.

Why Choose Us?

Media Crew delivers the best quality link building and local SEO services in Melbourne. We set out to give only the highest-quality backlinks and authoritative links that will help your business compete even in the toughest of online search environments.

Our goal is to put your website at the top of the search engine results. We also provide SEO services that focus on effective and up-to-date link building services, which adhere to the current standards and guidelines.

Are You Ready to be Ranked First?​

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact us today. If you have any concerns regarding the built links or would like a fuller explanation of the process; we’d be happy to provide you a free link building service quotation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions clients ask to make the best decision possible.

A lot of factors influence the number of backlinks you’ll need. Our specialists can monitor the performance of your website and then create a tailored action plan for your business.

Backlinks are similar to peer votes in the digital world. When a website links to yours, they directly endorse your content and cast a vote for you.

Backlinks are the foundation of a successful SEO campaign. They are significant because search engines assess the number of backlinks on a website to determine its reliability.

The length of time it takes to execute a link-building campaign varies greatly depending on the material structure, but on average, it takes roughly three months.

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