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Grow brand awareness on the global stage with help from Melbourne’s trusted international SEO agency, Media Crew. Our results-oriented, data-driven SEO services can boost your brand recognition on an international scale, penetrate emerging markets and make your bottom lines go up.

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Why is International SEO Important?

International expansion comes hand-in-hand with several challenges on the marketing front. First, you’re dealing with a new audience with different expectations, buying patterns, search behaviours and cultural norms than your local market; you can’t use the same marketing strategies to communicate with them and expect to succeed.

Secondly, these international markets are likely already highly saturated, so expect stiff competition. You’ll need to make sure that your brand messaging is unique to set yourself apart from your competitors and draw the attention of your target audience.

So, how do you overcome these two challenges? You can start by implementing an international search optimisation strategy.

International SEO builds on a series of techniques used to ensure that your brand, products and services are searchable in the overseas markets you’re targeting. It analyses the content and keywords that are most relevant to that region and implements those on your website. International SEO also involves technical solutions to make sure your website meets the search ranking factors for different countries.

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What Does International SEO Require?​

These three techniques make up the foundation of your international SEO strategy:

Competitive SEO Analysis

The long-established brands in the countries you’re planning to tap serve as your benchmark for what counts as successful SEO in those locations. Conducting competitive SEO analysis means looking at the keywords, content, website structure and link-building strategies of your competitors.

You need to analyse which techniques work and which ones don’t to get an idea of how you should communicate with the local market.

Competitive analysis ultimately enables you to meet the local audience’s expectations from a business like yours and identify opportunities that you can leverage to gain an edge over your competitors.

Local Strategy​

International optimisation uses local SEO techniques to identify the keywords and topics that you need to use to make sure your content is relevant to an overseas audience.

Determine the search terms used in each region — this is especially important if the region uses a different alphabet system. If you’re planning to expand to South Korea, for instance, incorporating high-volume keywords written in Hangul can significantly boost your searchability in that country.

Moreover, your content needs to appeal to the overseas market you’re expanding to. Use social listening tools to keep track of both trending and evergreen topics that are relevant to your business.

Technical Optimisation​

Your website must come with the right trust signals, such as geotargeted keywords and a country code top-level domain, to let Google and other search engines know that you’re targeting overseas markets. Otherwise, your web pages won’t appear on the search engine results pages (SERPs) in those regions.

Tip: Implement the hreflang tag. This coding attribute is a crucial international SEO technique because it lets you create versions of landing pages in different languages dedicated to each of your targeted countries without having Google penalise your website for having duplicate content.

Go Global with Media Crew


Media Crew is a one-stop advertising and marketing company in Melbourne, with expert knowledge in various digital practices and platforms. Our team crafts you an international SEO strategy that sends the right message to the right audience through the right channels, increasing your visibility in the markets you’re entering.

With Media Crew, you can be sure that your international SEO campaign is carefully tailored to your business, goals and the new market you’re tapping. Our strategists and webmasters study the fundamental SEO and web design practices in these countries and implements those in your website to boost your online visibility and traffic.

We also ensure that your international SEO campaign is anchored on your overall optimisation strategy. This way, all your optimisation efforts are geared toward the same business objectives. Doing so also makes sure that your website continues to appeal to your local audiences even as you implement digital marketing methods that cater to foreign markets.

Ultimately, Media Crew’s international SEO services make it easier for you to introduce your brand to international markets and get recognised in these new locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions clients ask to make the best decision possible.

International SEO involves many technical and on-page techniques to signal to search engines that your web pages are intended for international audiences. These include geo-targeting, local keyword research and hreflang tags.

The prices vary per provider, but international SEO services generally cost the same as other SEO strategies. The price you pay often depends on how much optimisation work your website needs.

Yes, because you’re targeting a different audience with different buying patterns, search behaviours and ranking keywords. Your international SEO strategy, however, should supplement your local SEO campaign to make sure all your optimisation efforts are aligned with your business objectives.

No, but you do need unique landing pages for different languages to make sure you’re speaking to each audience you’re targeting. We’ll build landing pages dedicated to each of your targeted regions so that Google and other search engines display the appropriate content for that particular audience.

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