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As of November 2020, the Google share of search engine traffic in Australia was 94.24 per cent. Search engine users overwhelmingly choose Google as their destination to get answers to their questions, find solutions, and discover new things.

It’s more important than ever for Australian businesses to make their presence on search engine results pages (SERPs) stronger. Media Crew’s clients are often looking for search engine optimisation consultants to give them high-ranking results.

But some owners of Australian websites discover that search engine optimisation is not a fast or straightforward process. The results may also vary from month to month. There is a complex process in SEO, and it comes from many factors.

Factors Affecting Search Engine Optimisation

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Search ranking factors

Google has hundreds of ranking factors that affect where a site or a page appears in the SERPs. There are currently up to 200 known factors. There are likely far more unknown factors that Google doesn’t publicly disclose.

Google considers all these factors when its engine presents the SERP results in ranking order. This is how they determine what is most relevant to a user’s search. They may also prioritise some results, presenting them in specific sections such as map results, knowledge panels, and more.

All SEO consultants and service providers need to be as thoroughly informed about the ranking factors as possible. This allows them to ensure that every page and component of a website is created with optimum relevance for the search engine, allowing the site to rank higher in results.

Algorithm complexity

Google’s algorithm is highly complex because of the hundreds of ranking factors used to rank results. All search engine algorithms are complicated equations, and it’s these ever-changing equations that make it challenging to determine all of the factors that affect them correctly.

SEO consultants and experts rely on available knowledge about these algorithms as evidence appears. The algorithm is known only to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

Constant changes

Another reason that SEO is complex is that even though SEO consultants can rely on currently-known knowledge, all that information is still largely temporary. The Google algorithm is constantly changing, making updates and and adding new factors.

It’s not just the algorithm that constantly changes. The search engine results pages change as well. Years back, Google SERPs didn’t use to have the map results, local results, related questions, videos, and knowledge bases. Google had added these sections to make it easier for users to find relevant results for their queries.

SEO consultants and analysts make sure to stay on top of new updates and developments so they can adapt and make the necessary changes to the sites they manage. But it takes time for the search engine to crawl the site and rank it all over again.

Why Complexity Is Positive


Evolving search methods and marketing

Daunting as the situation seems, complexity is a good sign for SEO and the market. These constant changes and many factors ensure that the system is continually evolving to become better. Not only are websites getting optimised, but so is the way people get the results they need.

It adapts to how people are searching as well. People can now shop directly from the search results, instantly get map markers to destinations and more. Search engines now also understand the context behind search phrases and terms by better understanding natural language when they had previously only relied on keywords.

Better results for users

The evolution ensures that users will always have the most valuable and relevant results to their queries, even as the market adapts to rank higher. The results are also more reliable, as the changes continue to eliminate illicit and artificial methods of organising a page for advertising purposes. And the people using SEO to market are constantly making their sites better and more authoritative as a result.

More Complexities in the Future

The changes and updates will continue, which means even more complexities for both search engine consultants and marketers to navigate. As the digital market and the reliance on search engines continue to grow, becoming more crucial for day-to-day activities and needs, SEO must evolve with it.

SEO professionals need to continue learning. Just as the algorithm and the machines learn, so should the experts that manage them.

This expertise and constant learning make SEO specialists even better and more knowledgeable in optimising websites to give websites the best possible rankings. Businesses get to the audiences they target and will consistently do so even as the algorithm changes.

Talk to Specialists That Can Do the Work

Consult with Media Crew today and get help from a company of specialists that have finely honed the craft of search engine optimisation, especially for Australian clientele.

We use specialised SEO techniques that can get websites high rankings on national search results. And we can ensure that your company is front and center for geotargeted local customers as well. Read about our case studies and discover more about how our SEO services have given our clients a market advantage.

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