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Our strategy is tailored to your specific objectives, ensuring maximum impact. Our package incorporates Google Search and Facebook Ads, as well as cross-posting to Instagram, all optimised to achieve your desired outcomes.
Ad Extensions
We'll leverage the most effective ad extensions to showcase your website's strengths and optimise your campaign's performance, attracting targeted traffic to your site.d attract the right visitors to your site.

- Lead Extensions
- Call Extensions
- Location Extensions
- App Extensions
- Sitelink Extensions
- Callout Extensions
- Review Extensions
Search Campaign Setup
Our process involves an in-depth analysis of your business, coupled with thorough research to generate a highly targeted list of keywords and ad copies. We'll seek your approval before deploying any keywords or text to ensure maximum alignment with your goals.

- Keyword Research: 6 hours
- Daily Budget Set-up
- Ad Scheduling
- Campaign Structuring
- Ad Copy Creation
- Ad Extensions
- Set-up Report
Search Campaign Management
Our team diligently monitors and optimises your campaigns on an ongoing basis to continually enhance click-through efficiency. Through continuous refinement, we strive to achieve the best possible results for every click.

- Bid optimisation: Twice a week
- Auditing
- Bidding
- Ad Copy Test
- Ad Extension Management
- Keyword Management
- Negative Keywords
- Report Analysis
- Report Generation: Monthly
Display & Remarketing Ads
Our comprehensive approach to digital advertising includes a range of proven techniques designed to achieve your specific branding and sales objectives. We'll leverage banner ads to increase brand awareness, remarket to your existing audience members who have yet to convert, and implement upsell and cross-sell strategies to maximize revenue potential from existing clients. And that's just the beginning - our team is constantly exploring innovative tactics to help you achieve your goals and stay ahead of the competition.
Our monthly management fee is separate from your advertising spend and is calculated based on the scope of work required to manage your campaigns effectively. Our management fee covers advertising budgets up to $6,000. We recommend at least a minimum monthly advertising spend of $2,000.

For budgets above $6,000 per month there will be an additional 15% management fee for every dollar over $6,000. For example, if your monthly budget is $10,000, the management fee will increase by $600 per month. We strive to be transparent about our fees and will work with you to find the optimal budget for your needs.



(inclusive of GST)

The Google + Facebook Paid Media Mix package offers your business a customized solution with a specialist to manage your Paid Digital Media Account across both platforms. Our expert team conducts keyword research to identify the most effective search terms for your business.

Our four-step process involves: 1) defining media objectives based on your marketing and advertising goals, 2) developing a media strategy to achieve those objectives, 3) designing media tactics to execute the strategy, and 4) proposing procedures for measuring the success of the media plan. This approach ensures that your business receives the online presence it needs on Google, its Search partners, Facebook, and Instagram, allowing you to reach and engage with your target audience.

Additionally, we provide a Remarketing campaign that specifically targets people who have previously visited your site. Our PPC package also includes a free Landing Page Analysis, daily performance monitoring, reporting, dashboard integration, and consultation. Our ultimate goal is to help you grow your business and build a strong online following.

Package Inclusions

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