Online Advertising in 2020: Leverage Advanced Technology to Stay Relevant

Technology has always had a massive impact on advertising. Twenty years ago, consumers were bombarded with ads through their television, radio and newspapers. Now, advertising has gone digital. Smartphones, devices and the internet has completely changed the way businesses reach out to the public.

Advancements in technology are developed each day, which means the nature of advertising is ever-evolving. In 2020, more innovations are slowly making their way into the ads people consume. By leveraging these technologies, marketers can create a more memorable impact on their audience, effectively raising brand awareness.

Below are some technologies in 2020 you want to consider for your advertising strategy.

1. Automation

Marketing automation is extremely helpful, especially at a time when businesses have to track and manage so much online data. It uses software to complete repetitive tasks and save employees time. Some examples include sending personalised emails, tracking website visitors and delivering relevant content to the right people.

This technology has multiple applications. You can use it for your email marketing, social media strategy and website optimisation, among others.

An example is the new user account setup on e-commerce sites. Not all shoppers want to create an account on their first visit on your website. What you can do is provide a guest checkout option. After their initial purchase, you can offer to instantly create an account for them using the shipping and contact details they gave when they completed their first transaction.

2. Artificial Intelligence

human and technology

Artificial intelligence in advertising has some similarities with marketing automation in that they both complete tasks without human intervention. The difference is AI advertising is more advanced, providing greater insights about the company’s target audience.

One of the basic applications of AI in marketing is seen in ad platforms. Social media platforms use machine learning to determine which, when and how often ads are shown to certain people.

The social media platform’s algorithm controls ad frequency. Some marketers think that exposing users to the same ad is the key to successful advertising. But this isn’t always the case. If your ad appears too often, users might rate it poorly in terms of relevance. This is why social media platforms strategically limit and times your ad frequency.

3. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality ads are immersive, which helps brands create emotional connections with potential customers. Unlike print ads or simple photos and videos, AR ads are interactive, fun and lifelike. Consumers can interact with the ad, increasing engagement with the brand.

Many shoppers like trying products before purchasing them. With the pandemic forcing people to stay inside their homes, many have been relying on online shopping to purchase their needs and desires. AR ads let shoppers try on products even if they can’t visit the store.

One popular example of an AR ad is from Gucci. The luxury brand partnered with Snapchat for a virtual try-on campaign. The new lenses on Snapchat allow users to try on some of Gucci’s most popular shoes. If the user likes what they see, they can purchase the pair directly on Snapchat by pressing the Shop Now button.

Ikea, Toyota and ASOS also released their own AR ads this past year.

Although these technologies offer great potential for advertising campaigns, it’s important to consider their relevance to your target market. Your ads should speak to your audience, no matter what platform, technology or strategy you use.

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