Navigate the complex media landscape with ease by partnering with the experts at Media Crew. Our team specialises in a wide range of media channels, from traditional broadcast to modern digital platforms. Let us help you determine the best advertising options for your business, including effective strategies for Television and Radio Advertising.

Which should I use?

Television Advertising – Are you looking to reach a wider audience with your advertising campaign? Consider exploring the options in free-to-air and paid television advertising. At Media Crew, we can help you understand the advantages of advertising on different channels, including NINE, SEVEN, TEN, SBS, and more. With our guidance, you’ll be able to choose the right platform to reach your target audience and maximise your reach. Additionally, we can help you navigate the Foxtel option and make the most of your advertisement budget with a national ad that reaches every state in Australia with just one purchase. Get in touch with Media Crew today to learn more!

Radio Advertising – Looking to promote your business through radio advertising? Media Crew has you covered with our deep understanding of the radio landscape in Australia. With major networks boasting stations in each state, the options for advertising are extensive. However, keep in mind that each station operates independently and focuses on a specific target audience. To ensure the best results, you’ll need to purchase separate campaigns for each station you want to reach. Let our experts at Media Crew guide you through the process and find the radio stations that align with your target audience.

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When should I Advertise?

Television Advertising – Maximise Your Ad Spend with Strategic Television Advertising Timing – Choose the right time to advertise based on your target customer’s viewing habits. Prime time – the hours after work – is when the largest audience is tuned in, making it the most competitive and costly time for advertising. Consider factors such as time of day, day of week, show, station, month, season, advertisement length, and more to optimise your advertising investment.

Radio Advertising – Timing is crucial when advertising on radio. To reach your target audience effectively, it’s important to understand the different advertising terms used across the day. B represents Breakfast, M represents Morning, A represents Afternoon, D represents Drive, E represents Evening, and ROS represents Run of Station. The most coveted and expensive advertising slots are during Breakfast and Drive, as these are when people are commuting to and from work. Keep in mind that rates for radio advertising vary based on several factors, such as the time of day, day of the week, the show, the station, the month, the season, the length of the advertisement, and others.

Which will fit my budget?

Television advertising – Achieve maximum brand exposure with television advertising! Reach a large audience with targeted campaigns and increase your brand recognition. Despite its high cost compared to other advertising mediums, television advertising offers the advantage of reaching a vast audience and the ability to tailor your campaigns to your specific target customer group through selective programming and shows.

Radio advertising – Maximize your advertising budget with radio advertising, a cost-effective alternative to television advertising. Each radio station caters to a specific demographic, such as male or female and a certain age group. Ensure the success of your radio advertising campaign by conducting research on the best station to target your desired customer base. Proper research will help you reach a highly targeted audience at a more affordable cost compared to an incorrect station selection, which can result in higher advertising expenses.

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