Making Radio Waves in Advertising

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According to a survey, 82 per cent of Australians continue to listen to the radio for news and entertainment. Do you realise what it means?

It means that even though most businesses adopt the latest digital marketing solutions to keep up with the competition, digital platforms have not succeeded in making traditional mediums completely obsolete.

Radio, for instance, remains influential in promoting products and services to a broad market. The accessibility of online radio channels through websites and smartphone apps is the reason for this. Failing to realise the potential of this medium may result in missed opportunities for your business.

Why Use Radio Advertising?

Radio advertising provides you with a live medium, where you can reach and interact with your target audience. It allows for the utilisation of certain activities that would be difficult or impossible to conduct through other platforms and channels.

  • You can hold a real-time competition for interested listeners
  • You can hold a live broadcast to discuss a new product and service
  • You can hold a live product or service review that includes customer calls

Apart from engagement, radio has the potential to increase your brand awareness. With the right radio advertising strategies, you can improve your marketing campaign to attract more qualified leads that will lead to higher conversions.

How to Use Radio Advertising

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There are several advantages to radio advertising. Enjoy them by learning how to develop a strategy that works for your business.

Choose a Radio Station Format

The station format determines the audience who will hear your ads and other engagement activities. Some of the most common formats include:

  • Top 40 (teens 12-17)
  • Alternative (adults 18-24)
  • Adult Contemporary (adults 35-44)
  • News and Talk Radio(adults 65+)

Review your target audience’s demographics and your existing customer database to decide on a station format. It will narrow down your options to those that capture a large percentage of your audience.

Choose a Radio Spot

A radio spot is your ad slot in this medium. It is classified into three categories: a live read, a sponsorship and a produced spot.

  • A live read is held during an event, where your ad content is read aloud for the audience.
  • A sponsorship is inserted into a segment during a show.
  • A produced spot is played during a show’s commercial break.

Make a Suitable Budget

Radio advertising strategies are made similarly to PPC campaigns. The cost of radio ads is calculated on a per-spot basis. The price for these spots varies as every radio station has its set-price list. When making your budget, consider the station format, the spot and the frequency of running the ad. If you plan on using a produced spot, you will have to include production costs (e.g. script, voice actor/s, jingle, etc.).

The radio industry has seen steady growth in recent years with its market size coming in at $1.5 billion in 2020. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach a wider portion of your target audience. Make the most of this medium with Media Crew. We are a marketing agency that offers radio advertising solutions.

Learn more about your marketing opportunities with radio. Get in touch with us.

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