Get Better Rankings: A Local SEO Checklist

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While the pandemic has skyrocketed internet usage, it has also caused a drop in search traffic to corporate websites in several industries. Does this imply that SEO is now ineffective for your company? Probably not.

In fact, throughout 2021, local transactions accounted for 90% of all eCommerce purchases in Australia. So, having a local search strategy is crucial.

But first and foremost, what is Local SEO? In a nutshell, Local SEO is a method for companies to increase their online visibility to reach a geo-targeted audience.

So, what are some simple local SEO solutions you can put in place to get things started and improve your local search ranking? We’ve put together a local SEO checklist to help you keep track of your success.

Local SEO Checklist to Rank Better

Know Your Ranking Factors

What sticks out the most is that social media plays a significant part in local SEO, despite not being usually thought of as a direct aspect of SEO.

Brand citations are also quite important. Even if your content doesn’t generate backlinks, just mentioning your company name in your content can help your site rank higher.

Optimise Your Domain

Evaluate your site after you have a complete grasp on the most important aspects of local SEO. Conduct a web crawl to identify any problems with the following:

• Missing metadata

• Broken links

• Duplicate content

• Accessibility

• Indexability

An SEO tool like SEMrush or Screaming Frog can help you perform a local SEO assessment. After you’ve fixed any obvious flaws, look for methods to improve them directly.

Simple modifications to your on-page optimisation can have a major impact on your local search approach. It’s often a matter of speaking the same language as search engines for them to comprehend your domain and provide the greatest possible service to readers.

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Optimise Google My Business

The Google My Business page is a top-ranking indication and one of the most significant items on our local SEO to-do list. It provides localised content and information about your business to search engines.

Optimising Google My Business accounts with important business information helps Google Maps display the most precise image of your business, including location, service offerings, and phone numbers.

GMB then uses that information to populate its numerous integrated applications and services, such as Google Posts, Knowledge Panels, Google Maps and others.

Encourage User Reviews and Ratings

In local SEO, reputation management is crucial. The way your consumers and visitors interact with your business online has an impact on your ranking potential.

Positive brand mentions, thoughtful consumer testimonials and high ratings are all quite valuable. They back up your promises of outstanding service, and they encourage other web searchers to believe in your company and possibly buy from you.

Keep in mind that the most recent reviews will appear first. However, newly published reviews can be topped by upvoted reviews. So, getting five nice ratings isn’t enough. You need to keep cultivating favourable reactions so that the best aspect of you is highlighted first.

Generate Backlinks and Referral Traffic

Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are the most important ranking component in both general and local SEO, and they can take a long time to build.

If you generate content that revolves around high-value local keywords and then have high-authority local influencers link to it, your chances of climbing in ranking increase vastly.

Leading Local SEO Agency in Melbourne

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