Why SEO is Important for the Success of Start-Ups

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Big or small, new or already established, every business needs search engine optimisation to succeed.

There’s no denying that we’re in the thick of the digital era, something that became more apparent with the pandemic. With 89% of the population active internet users, your target audience can most likely be found online, which means you should meet them there.

This is even more important for start-ups. It’s true that bigger, more established brands still need SEO, but they have already amassed loyal audiences that have kept their business afloat over the years. Start-ups don’t have that. And the way to acquire them is through SEO.

The Importance of SEO for Start-ups

SEO is a powerful tool for start-ups. Relatively low-cost and proven effective when carried out by experts, it’s a digital marketing strategy that produces impressive results. This is why it’s important to understand why SEO for start-ups is well worth the effort.

Results in better website visibility

As a start-up, one of your initial goals is to get the right audience to find you. Online, that means getting your website on the first search engine results page (SERP) since 75% of users never venture into the second page.

Done right, SEO catapults your brand’s web pages on top of SERPs. This makes your website visible to more people already looking for the products or services you offer. When your audience can find you organically, you won’t have to pay for costly ads to reach your audience.

Leads to higher traffic and conversion

Better visibility means higher traffic. In a study of billions of search results, researchers found that the first organic Google search result had an average click-through rate of 28.5%.

The second result gets 15.7%, and the third gets 11.0%. By the time users get to the last result on the first page, only 2.5% of them click through.

These numbers show the importance of ranking high on SERPs. If you rank first, you get almost twice as much traffic as the second. And with higher traffic, the probability of conversion also increases since organic traffic converts way better than other forms of marketing, except e-mail marketing.

Attracts local customers

With 76% of users visiting a business within the day of discovering them on an online search, ranking high on SERPs for local keywords is highly valuable to start-ups. In addition, 82% of mobile device users run “near me” searches.

The people who conduct “near me” searches are already further down the sales funnel, ready to buy or pay for a service. As such, appearing in locally-relevant keywords increases the likelihood of conversion, making local SEO a must for start-ups.

Start-ups can achieve this starting with creating a Google My Business (GMB) profile. GMB is Google’s directory of local businesses, making them automatically aware that your business exists. This helps in establishing your online presence, making SEO easier and more effective.

In addition, a GMB profile is a dominant ranking factor for local SEO. When utilised together with geographical keywords in your website’s content, your start-up’s website has a higher chance of appearing on top of SERPs for local keywords and attracting local customers.

Provides data about customer behaviour

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One of the ways to make your website relevant to users is to meet their intent or provide them with the information they need. But to understand your customers’ needs, you need data, which may not be available for you as a start-up.

Keyword research is one of the cornerstones of an effective SEO strategy. But apart from informing you of which keywords to optimise your website for, this strategy can also help you gain insight into relevant data about your customers.

Keywords show your audience’s pain points, what answers they’re looking for, and in which format they prefer to get these answers. With this knowledge, you can curate your website and content in a way that better addresses your customers’ needs.

Yields high ROI

SEO is affordable and yields long-term results. These are great benefits for start-ups that may not have the biggest marketing budget. Even with a minimum investment, the right SEO strategy can significantly improve your start-up’s online presence, which results in higher conversions.

Work with a Trusted SEO Company

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