Improving User Experience: How to Optimise Your Mobile Site for Better Leads

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When looking something up, which device do you use? If you answered your smartphone, then you are part of the 89 per cent of Australians who have the device. More importantly, you are acting like the majority of your customers.

Recently, consumer behaviour has shifted from the desktop to mobile devices. This is because of the latter’s accessibility and convenience. As a result, more businesses are reshaping their digital marketing campaigns to a mobile platform, or they risk losing potential customers to their competition.

Optimising your online presence on mobile devices will require the adoption of best practices and the utilisation of innovative technologies. Investing in these solutions will help you address your customers’ needs.

What exactly is a mobile device?

Google has defined this term as anything that is considered as a smartphone. The browser in this device is similar to desktop browsers. Since tablets are out, you can focus on optimising your online presence through smartphone screens.

Best Practices in Optimising Your Mobile Site

Much like your desktop site, your mobile site should be designed for your customers. As the primary audience perusing your site, it needs to work for them or they will exit the page and move onto your competitor’s site.

Use a Responsive Design

At its core, responsive design is one that adjusts to the size of the screen. The goal of using responsive design is to make the experience as seamless as possible for the user. You’d like your traffic to immediately get the content they clicked for without doing much else.

Responsive design has three core components that make it ideal for mobile sites:

  1. Fluid Grid System – This allows your site to scale itself based on the screen used to view it. It eliminates the process of pinch-zooming, which can frustrate your users.
  2. Media Queries – This collects data from users which your site can use in supporting its fluid grid system. It supports your responsive design by helping it adjust more accurately to the screen.
  3. Flexible Images – This improves your mobile site’s loading time. This has your images automatically adjust to the direction given by CSS.

Aside from the responsive design, it is important to choose a website design that is user-friendly. This translates to one that is simple and easy to comprehend at a glance. A website that is too busy is an eyesore, especially when you’re looking at it on a smaller screen. Optimising your mobile site’s responsiveness and aesthetics improves the user experience.

Simplify the Navigation

Your target audience is using their smartphones to research your products and services. This means you need to give them the information they need as soon as they click on your page. A disorganised or complicated page is a hindrance and may induce bounce.

When optimising your mobile site, simplify the navigation for better user experience. You’re less likely to convert visitors if it’s tricky to explore your site.

  1. Using a drop-down menu for your navigation bar allows you to maximise the small space. Enhance this by featuring important pages next to it.
  2. Integrating a search bar is beneficial for online retailers. This makes it easier for your visitors to navigate your site. Moreover, it brings them directly to the page where you can convert them into customers.

Increase the Loading Speed

Slow-loading web pages will negatively affect your mobile’s sites ranking. Google, in particular, will move you down its search engine results pages (SERPs). Online searchers are becoming ever more impatient and waiting for your site to load is something many just won’t do.

Reducing your page weight is an effective way of improving your loading speed. Review the images on your site and remove those that aren’t necessary.

  1. Enabling browser caching allows your visitors to load your site faster. This decreases the amount of data that is downloaded per session, which means stuff to wait for to load.
  2. Adjusting your time to first byte (TTFB) to 200 milliseconds improves your pages’ responsiveness. This ensures that your visitors will not have to wait too long for a page to load.

Make Everything Accessible

A common practice in the past was to limit content on mobile sites. Business owners used this strategy to encourage people to visit their desktop site instead. But this restrictive practice only dissuades users from further exploring your site. People are continuing to move away from their desktops and towards their smartphones. Addressing this behavioural shift with accessibility improves your chances of generating and converting leads.

Optimise for Local Searches

One of the main advantages of mobile-friendly sites is accessibility. As more consumers rely on search results, you need to make sure you are easily discoverable. Accomplishing this can be as easy as optimising your local SEO.

  1. Registering your business on Google My Business gives you better visibility. Aside from this, the information can be an incentive for customers that want to visit your physical store.
  2. Utilising your social media accounts for links will redirect more relevant traffic to your site. This is an effective way to maximise your paid ads.
  3. Encouraging customer reviews also improves your presence online. The real-time factor afforded by mobile sites makes it easier for your audience to find you through comments and reviews.

Go Mobile with Media Crew Advertising Agency

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Our goal is helping you achieve yours. As such, we work with you closely to ensure that your needs are addressed by the solutions we present. One of our general rules is getting your approval before we implement any strategy. This way, we are aligned on your campaign and everything it entails.

Let Media Crew help you optimise your mobile site for better lead generation. Our team will build your site to make it user-friendly across all platforms.

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