How Do You Advertise on the Radio?

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In the age of on-demand music and the internet, Australia is still keeping radio alive. According to The Infinite Dial Australia 2021 study, 86% of Australians listen to live or catch-up radio each month, a slight increase from 2020’s 85%.

With this many people still tuning in to the radio, it’s a medium that advertisers continue to pay attention to when it comes to marketing. Relatively cheaper than cable TV with just the same reach, radio is a great platform for small business advertising.

If you’re a small business owner interested in radio advertising, you may find our guide useful. Below, we discuss how radio advertising works and how you can maximise its benefits.

What is Radio Advertising?

Radio advertising is a form of marketing strategy that promotes a product or service by buying commercial airtime. In exchange, radio stations broadcast an advertiser’s commercial to its audience.

There are plenty of types of radio advertising you can opt for:

  • Sponsorships

A sponsorship advertisement is usually inserted into specific segments, such as traffic or weather reports, sports news, or when hosts’ talk. The hosts typically tell listeners that a particular brand sponsored the segment.

  • Jingles

Catchy tunes are a great way to make listeners remember brands, especially when they’re constantly played on the radio. This is why jingles are one of the most used forms of radio advertising.

on air

  • Testimonials

Hearing people’s experiences with using a particular product or service is another effective advertising method, giving listeners a real-life, and therefore more trustworthy, account. Testimonial advertisements make listeners more receptive to your brand’s credibility.

  • Personified commercial

Another great way of capturing a listener’s attention is through personified radio commercials, which get their imaginations going. With a compelling storyline that they can picture themselves in, you can use a personified commercial to cement the reasons they need your product or service.

Other forms of radio advertisements include straight reads, live reads, and onsite broadcasting events. Each of these has its benefits and can fit products or services from various industries.

Is Radio Advertising Still Effective?

Since radio is free and, thanks to the internet, can be accessed anywhere and on almost any device, it reaches a large audience. Depending on your chosen radio station, you can effectively reach your target demographic through radio advertising.

Particularly, though, radio advertising is effective because of the following reasons:

  • It’s cost-effective
  • It creates high recall
  • It is highly segmented
  • It has the ability to tell stories
  • It is the most trusted medium

How to Advertise on Radio Effectively

Effective radio advertising starts with choosing the right form of advertising, such as the ones we mentioned above. At Media Crew, our radio advertising experts can help you plan out the best one for your objective to reach as many target audiences as you require.

Once you know what kind of radio advertising to go for, we’ll help you buy radio advertising. As experts in the industry, we can shed light on radio stations’ listenership, reach and frequency, as well as their rates. We can then provide your business with our highly discounted rates due to our overall client spend.

In the end, you’ll have a radio advertising package suited to your brand’s overall marketing objective at the best price.

Book an appointment with Media Crew today to learn more about your options when it comes to radio advertising.


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