How We Boosted a Hardware Site’s Organic Traffic by 379.48%

Building online presence for Hardware Store

Ranking for Organic Keywords

Ranking any website from scratch is tough but with the noble goal of helping our clients we are determined to succeed.

The client has an established reputation among individual clients who are interested in DIY projects. They have a physical store that has a display centre that showcases their products. The store also employs friendly staff to help customers make informed buying decisions.

Our Campaign By the Numbers


Increase in website’s organic traffic since running their SEO Campaign


Increase in visits from Google that were new


Increase in number repeated views of single page

Building a Place Online

This hardware store has a physical location in Melbourne. It also caters to architects, builders, contractors, interior designers, renovators and other businesses that are looking to order timber and hardware products in bulk.

In addition to timber and hardware products, the one-stop shop features bathroom and kitchen products that are sourced from reputable suppliers that meet Australian standards.

The Goal

Website Traffic = Revenue

This business is a one-stop shop that has all timber, hardware, kitchen and bathroom products in one place. They found the perfect balance of high-quality building materials, excellent customer service and fast delivery. They want more people to know about the business.

The overall business goal is to improve website traffic and lead conversion through calls, emails and the online fill-out form. The hardware store also has a showroom at its physical location in Melbourne. So, increased foot traffic is also a primary business goal.

Our Solution

Before building and implementing a long-term strategy, we made sure that all basic SEO issues have been identified and addressed. We conducted a thorough website audit and addressed what we could immediately fix.

After we finished our basic site cleanup, we started incorporating the hardware store’s business goals into our strategy.

Step 1: Fixing the Silo

Our first major step was identifying all the products that the client offers. Then, we mapped and fixed the silo of the website so that we can separate them into organised categories. This allows site visitors to seamlessly navigate the website and easily find the products they plan to purchase.

For the site’s silo, we created clusters under which we collated all related product pages. On the user’s end, this move contributes to site navigability. It also lets crawlers see the site structure and relevance.

Step 2: Conducting Keyword Research

One of the first things we noticed about the website is the lack of keyword optimisation.

So after straightening out the new silo, our SEO experts conducted keyword research to find the most relevant keywords for the industry. We also took note of keywords that match the hardware shop’s overall business goals — traffic and conversion.

Step 3: Optimising On-Page Content

Any business that wants to expand their audience reach should focus on the message that they send. After conducting meticulous keyword research, therefore, we set out to create industry-relevant and SEO-optimised on-page content for the business.

Our seasoned content writers took the time to understand the brand identity, business goals and the target audience before writing compelling on-page content with strategically placed call-to-actions. We made sure to integrate all relevant keywords into the optimised content.

We also prepared informational blogs that contextually support the website’s product and category pages.

Step 4: Optimising Off-Page Content

A website’s backlink portfolio is just as important as its on-page content.

Once our team polished and optimised the hardware store website’s on-page content, we directed our efforts to link building. We boosted site authority and credibility through guest posting and local citations.

Guest posting involves searching for and reaching out to highly relevant websites that publish industry-related content. Our seasoned writers prepared compelling guest posts on these sites to gain more exposure to the business and to boost its industry authority.

Our team also prepared local citations. Since the business is focused on Melbourne and nearby areas, we posted citations on well-known directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, Bing and Yellow Pages. This helped the target audience find the business. It also boosted the site’s local relevance to crawlers.

We’re continuously building links to raise the authority and credibility of the website.

The Results

We started working on this hardware store business website on June 15, 2019.

The website has been generating an average of 23,000 clicks from Google alone.


Increase in website’s organic traffic since running their SEO Campaign


Increase in Goal Completion
(Form Submission and Phone number of Clicks)


Increase in enquiries and orders received

The notable growth of organic traffic eventually led to greater customer inquiries and orders.

Before we started working with the hardware business, they were struggling to get enquiries through their website. Now, the enquiries and orders they receive from individuals and contractors have quadrupled.

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