How We Boosted This National Insurance Company’s Social Media Engagement


Insured a Huge Success for a Local Insurance Company with Facebook

This case study is for a national insurance client. The case study examines the results after Media Crew took over the client’s social media advertising with the aim of increasing traffic, leads, and sales. Since the client was already established, we saw an opportunity to build on that familiarity to establish trust. The brand would strengthen its connection with their clients through engaging and informative social media posts that were relevant to the target audiences.

Our Campaign By the Numbers


Increase in Click-through Rate (every month at 3.85% exceeding the benchmark CTR for insurance campaigns)


Increase in Landing Page Views


Increase in overall traffic from running their Paid Ads for only 3 months

Increase Engagement, Increase Quality Leads

It’s no longer a question of having social media accounts and pages, though, since 71% of businesses are on Facebook and 59% are on Twitter. It’s now a matter of how effective a social media marketing strategy is and whether the content shared on social media platforms is relevant and authoritative.

Businesses are encouraged to invest in these platforms so they can make a name and attract more customers. This is exactly what the Media Crew did for the insurance company.

The Goal

A Facebook Page Worthy of the Insured and Secured People

Despite having a strong presence in the insurance world, however, this company acknowledged that there was no limit to brand awareness and sales. It recognised that a strong social media presence would allow them to attract new followers and build a loyal customer base.

Our Solution

First, we audited their existing Facebook Business Page.

Then our strategy started to revolve around easily digestible content that the target audiences would feel compelled to share with each other. We planned for the social media content to include a combination of casual and informational posts. This would solidify the brand’s reputation for being both relatable and authoritative.

All posts encourage the target audiences to visit the company’s website and know more about their offered services.

The campaign included a Facebook advertising strategy with Instagram cross-posting. Our team handled everything from roadmap creation to content creation and posting, to monthly reporting.

We continually conducted split tests to determine which demographics responded best to specific ad content and placements. Together with the insurance company, we agreed to allocate more ad budget to the winning variations. This lets us further optimise the ads that generally produced better results.

Social media without engagement is just media. So, we paid close attention to the audience’s response to organic and paid social media posts. We also analysed their response to different calls to actions (CTAs).

Our social media marketers measured audience engagement through shares, likes and the number of followers. We also used specialised tools that track the users responses to our CTAs.

The Results

A Winning Strategy

Earlier in the campaign, we discovered that users were more likely to engage with content that highlighted the company’s partnership with and participation in local events. We also discovered a favourable response to short video ads that featured relatable content about their client’s line of work.

Meanwhile, social media ads and posts with a “Get a free quote” call to action always resulted in the highest number of link clicks and landing page views.


Increase in Facebook Page Likes


Increase in Instagram Likes


Increase in Ad Clicks


Increase in the total number of Ad Impressions

The overall campaign continues to bring increased traffic numbers to the insurance company’s website.

Through constant and proactive monitoring and checking it helps the company pivot (change direction & focus) when required based on the changing results.

With the ceaseless results being delivered the insurance company is thrilled and continues to work with Media Crew today.

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