How We Boosted This National Insurance Company’s Social Media Engagement


Insured a Huge Success for a Local Insurance Company with Facebook

This case study details how Media Crew helped a national insurance client increase traffic, leads, and sales through social media advertising. By building on the client’s established brand, we aimed to establish trust with the target audience. Our strategy involved creating engaging and informative social media posts that were relevant to the target market, strengthening the connection between the brand and its clients.

Our Campaign By the Numbers


Increase in Click-through Rate (every month at 3.85% exceeding the benchmark CTR for insurance campaigns)


Increase in Landing Page Views


Increase in overall traffic from running their Paid Ads for only 3 months

Increase Engagement, Increase Quality Leads

In Australia, the majority of businesses have a social media presence, with 63% on Facebook and 34% on Twitter. However, having a presence alone is no longer enough. A successful social media marketing strategy requires relevant and authoritative content that engages target audiences.

Investing in social media platforms is essential for businesses looking to build brand recognition and attract new customers. This is exactly what Media Crew achieved for the insurance company.

The Goal

Develop a Facebook page that reflects the trust and security that our target audience seek and deserve.

Although already well-established in the insurance industry, the company realised the potential for continued growth in brand awareness and sales. Acknowledging the importance of a robust social media presence, they aimed to attract new followers and cultivate a loyal customer base.

Our Solution

First, we audited their existing Facebook Business Page.

Our strategy revolved around creating easily digestible content that would compel our target audiences to share with each other. We aimed for a combination of casual and informative social media posts to solidify the brand’s reputation for being both relatable and authoritative.

All our posts encouraged the target audiences to visit the company’s website and learn more about their services.

The campaign included a Facebook advertising strategy with cross-posting on Instagram. Our team managed the entire process from roadmap creation to content creation, posting, and monthly reporting.

We continuously conducted split tests to determine the best-performing ad content and placements for specific demographics. Based on the results, we worked with the insurance company to allocate more ad budget to the winning variations and further optimise the ads that generated better results.

We understood that social media without engagement is just media, so we paid close attention to the audience’s response to both organic and paid social media posts, as well as different calls to action (CTAs).

Our social media marketers measured audience engagement through shares, likes, and follower counts. We also utilised specialised tools to track user responses to our CTAs.

The Results

A Winning Strategy

In the earlier stages of our campaign, we found that users were more inclined to engage with content showcasing the company’s participation and collaboration in local events. We also observed a positive response to concise video advertisements that presented relatable content related to the client’s industry.

Furthermore, social media adverts and posts that included a “Get a free quote” call to action consistently generated the highest number of link clicks and landing page views.


Increase in Facebook Page Likes


Increase in Instagram Likes


Increase in Ad Clicks


Increase in the total number of Ad Impressions

Media Crew’s campaign for the insurance company has resulted in a continuous increase in traffic to their website. This success can be attributed to the constant and proactive monitoring of the campaign’s progress, allowing the company to pivot and change direction as needed based on the changing results. As a result, the insurance company has seen sustained growth in their online presence and continues to benefit from the campaign’s impact.

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