Beyond the Basics: Improving SEO Knowledge for Better Marketing Practices

Traditional business owners must have certain qualities.  They must be extremely motivated, budget-conscious and innately passionate about what they offer.  Technical knowledge is also important. Business owners today who are familiar or adept with graphic design, cloud computing or big data have an advantage over their competitors.

But there’s one essential area entrepreneurs might be ignoring, which is a key capability for businesses today: search engine optimisation or SEO.

The Role of SEO in Modern Businesses

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A study by YouGov Galaxy, commissioned by web hosting site GoDaddy, revealed that 59 per cent of small businesses in Australia do not have a website. This number climbs to 65 per cent for small businesses located in regional areas. With more than 2 million SMEs in the country, this means more than a million businesses are missing out on opportunities online.

For small businesses with a website, the term SEO might be familiar. After all, a website is one of the most valuable marketing tools and SEO is a part of digital marketing. Through it, small businesses can create a strategy that will drive traffic to their websites and give them a chance to compete with big-name brands in their industry.

The thing is, businesses in Melbourne and other major cities can simply outsource expert SEO services, so they might not bother to expand their SEO knowledge. They trust agencies to do the job for them, which is not a bad thing. But while digital marketing agencies like Media Crew can certainly work effectively with entrepreneurs, an intimate understanding of the SEO process and how it affects the business will be valuable for business owners. Knowing how SEO works and relates to your business will help you make quick and informed decisions.

Create Effective Marketing Strategies

When you have a clear understanding of what SEO is and how its tools can improve the online and offline performance of your business, you can create a more targeted marketing campaign.  You know your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and you understand what your customers want and don’t want.  Combine these with your complete understanding of the latest internet and user trends and you’ll know which SEO strategies will work best for your brand.

Adapt to Your Customers’ Behaviour

It’s no secret that user behaviour is constantly changing. This is why Google and other search engines constantly update the algorithms they use to rank web pages. The best example is the emergence of mobile search. Only a few years ago, people used only their desktop or laptop computers to access the internet, but now, more than half of internet traffic in Australia comes from mobile devices. This has prompted mobile-search algorithms and mobile-compatible website designs. Knowing these things can help you focus on a marketing method that benefits customers who lean toward mobile. As a result, your SEO efforts are more concise and tailor-made to reach your audience.

We Help You Learn More About SEO

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By expanding your knowledge about SEO, you can further understand brand visibility and organic traffic, and how these things help you increase your revenue and achieve your business goals. Luckily, you can learn more about SEO while seeing its results reflected on your website’s success with the help of Media Crew.

Start learning and working with one of Australia’s top digital marketing agencies. Contact us today.

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