3 Advantages of TV Advertising Over Other Mediums

Industry experts are anticipating the death of linear television, what with the prevalent consumption of streaming services and other digital entertainment content among Australians. Television, however, is neither dead nor dying. The digitalization movement has transformed TV as we know it, making programme distribution easier and more convenient through services like broadcast video on demand.

With that, businesses can still benefit from advertising on TV. The Digital 2021: Australia report proved that Aussies still watch a lot of TV, spending an average of 3 hours and 30 minutes each day watching broadcast and streaming programmes. This thriving viewership means that marketers can reach a broad audience through TV ads.

If you’re still unsure of the benefits of TV advertising, below are some of the advantages it offers over other mediums.

TV ads are multisensory, full-screen and unskippable

TV ads combine visual and sound cues, creating multisensory content pieces that are more engaging than static digital ads. Many home entertainment systems now have surround sound and 4K video resolution that give you the opportunity to deliver more vibrant ads.

The smartphone brand Samsung recently created an ad that banks on the full-screen, multisensory experience offered by modern televisions. The official TVC for the Galaxy Z Fold3 zooms in on the smartphone’s features and shows its vibrant picture quality, which the viewer will appreciate more on a TV’s large screen. Viewing the ad on laptops, tablets or smartphones won’t give the user the same immersive experience.

Another advantage of TV ads is that they occupy the entire screen. Your ads won’t have to fight for space, unlike pay-per-click ads, for example, that share the screen with other visual elements.

Additionally, broadcast TV ads are immune to skips and ad blockers, which are two of the biggest problems of digital advertisers today.

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TV ads can reach both broad and targeted audiences

Another benefit of TV advertising is its ability to tap broad audiences with a single ad spot. The Deloitte Media Consumer Survey 2021 shows that all age groups watch at least 7 hours of free-to-air TV each week. This means that you can reach your target demographic through TV ads, even if their top digital entertainment activities don’t include broadcast TV viewing.

TV advertising also allows you to target specific audiences if mass reach isn’t your goal. You can purchase ad spots for shows or channels whose intended demographic matches yours. For example, toy manufacturers can advertise during Sunday morning cartoons. Meanwhile, businesses marketing to professionals can air their ads around dinnertime to make sure that their audience is already home from work.

Demand for catch-up TV services is growing

Local stations can now make their programmes available online for free. According to an Integral Ad Science report last year, broadcast video on demand (BVOD) platforms are booming.

These catch-up TV services are attractive because they allow people to watch the news or their favourite shows even if they miss the live broadcast. The rise of BVOD can be advantageous for marketers because it opens a new channel for them to air advertisements.

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Ready to try TV advertising?

Contrary to what some experts claim, television is still highly relevant in the digital age. You can use it to drive users from your offline to your online channels and vice versa. It also remains an effective platform for building brand trust and awareness since television is known for generating loyal viewers.

Just make sure that your TV ads align with your overall marketing strategy and messaging to unify your brand messaging across offline and online touchpoints.

When you’re ready to invest in TV advertising, contact Media Crew. We’re a full-service marketing agency in Melbourne serving businesses of all sizes. We’ll help you craft a TV advertising campaign that sends that right message to your target audience, making sure they remember your brand name.

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